The mission of Project Beauty is to redefine how beauty is depicted, especially on social media, by showcasing what true beauty really is.

Project Beauty is an annual, no makeup, no retouching photo shoot campaign celebrating each individual’s natural beauty. Free yourself from the idea of perfection. This project will leave you empowered to, not only feel confident about yourself, but to embrace the flaws that makes you so uniquely beautiful.



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As a photographer, too often I see the pressure put on young adults to feel like they have to be perfect and to look or act a certain way in fear of being judged by their peers. Social media has only heightened this pressure. We want to put the power back in your hands!

As part of Project Beauty, you will participate in a 10-minute, no make-up photoshoot, focusing on what makes you unique and beautiful and to share what true beauty means to you. By sharing our stories, insecurities, or even struggles we’ve faced, we can send the message that perfection doesn’t come from outer beauty, but rather inner beauty. Once the photoshoot is completed, you’ll receive a gallery of images to select your favorites to be printed and showcased at a Project Beaty Exhibit.

I’m excited to partner with John Carroll University to help spread the mission even further. As part of this collaborating, we will open this project to high school seniors and JCU college students. For more information on Project Beauty, please contact me.

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